Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1 year ago...

I know I'm a little late, but this past weekend Josh and I celebrated our one-year anniversary! Boy, am I one lucky girl to be married to him. This past year has been one of learning, continuing to get to know each other, and endless love. Many of you may not see Josh's "sensitive" side or his hilarious sense of humor, but let me tell you...it's there! As Josh's mother puts it, he has a very "tender heart." I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for leading us to each other. I couldn't ask for a better match for me.

So for the weekend (April 28-May 2)...

This past weekend we went down to California. The whole purpose was to finalize the twins adoption, seal them to my parents, and bless them at church.

We left Wednesday night around 6:30ish with a stop in St. George. We had a woman that wanted to look at my ring (that I had posted on KSL to sell). She fell in love with it. Who wouldn't?? She decided to talk to her fiance and meet with us when we were returning to Utah.

We ended up getting to my parents house around 3:00 am. We got up pretty early, went to work out and then to the beach...where I got fried!!!

Friday- we all went to the courthouse in Orange and the judge declared William and Lillee, Neilsons!!! It was crazy in there but it all worked out. That night, Josh and I went to Downtown Disney and spent a couple hours together and got an amazing dessert at Rainforest Cafe.

Saturday- It was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! We went to Laguna Beach and had breakfast at Las Brisas. It was gorgeous weather and we sat outside. The food was yummy and being with my Joshy was so fun.

Later that day we went to the Newport Beach Temple to seal the twins to our family. Boy was that an interesting episode. Let's just say, the temple workers have forgotten what it's like to have little ones around. It was a really nice day and we really appreciated everyone that came for this special event. It was fun for Josh and I to be at the same place we were exactly one year ago on that day. After the sealing, we took a ton of pictures and then went back to the house where we had food catered. All of our friends and family from the sealing came over as well. Later that night, I really wanted to get Red Velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. We ended up going...along with Tahnee, Tyler, Mom, and Paige. We had lots of fun stealing stale bread and playing mind games with the poor waitress. We sure had a good laugh!!

Sunday- We got up really early and went to church for the baby's sealing. Both of them were very good and didn't make a peep. It was probably due to the bag of Cherrios they each were holding! Lillee did try to reach for Tyler and when that failed, she tried for Josh...neither of them took her :) After church, my grandparents and Robyn came back to the house and we made Monte Cristos, a family favorite. Then after sitting around visiting all day, we went to Laguna Beach and then took Paige to the airport. It was really fun having her around for the weekend!!

Monday- we got up and left really early. We stopped in St. George and sold my ring!!!! I couldn't believe it!!

Ever since we got home, I have been looking for a ring. I knew what style I wanted-thick pave-and I thought I knew which one I wanted, but I ended up getting this honkin' beauty:

Thank you Josh for my gorgeous ring and a great first year!! I love you!


  1. Yay Tiersha and Josh! I can't believe an entire year has passed! You guys are an awesome couple; so loving and welcoming. We have appreciated your friendship. Here's to many more years to come!

  2. I'm going to call him Joshy from now on.