Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Fling

I know many of you think I shop like crazy, but just for the record...I don't. I covet and look, but don't buy. is that time of year that I absolutely love...SKIRT SEASON!!

When it is nice and warm outside, I love my skirts. My favorites are elastic waistbands, I feel like they are so casual and comfortable, yet still so adorable. Yesterday, I went to meet with ModBod about what I will be wearing for their fashion show. I thought for sure they would tell me what to wear. So I hadn't even thought about it much. But when I got there, they were like, pick anything, but we are trying to promote our basics. Hmmm...anything?? I grabbed a couple things and went to dressing rooms. Well lucky enough for me, I was in love with the first outfit I tried on! It was a 3/4 sleeve white shirt with a gray, vintage-style, flowy skirt. Something I probably wouldn't purchase, but it was really flattering on and the skirt was so light that I thought it would be great for the spring/summertime. I tried to find a picture of it on their website, but no luck :( Then I was in the mood...

Later that day, I was online looking at my favorite stores and came across this little beauty from Downeast.
Isn't it so springy? I'm a little obsessed :/ The only problem is, Downeast skirts kind of fit me I am not going to get too hung over it, but it's different and unique. What do you think? Well my birthday is coming up so maybe I'll splurge ;)

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