Friday, February 25, 2011

What if...

Growing up, my mom hated the "what if..." game. For example: "Mom, what if the sky was green and the grass was blue?" type of questions. Really, who cares? But we all do it. We all ask, either ourselves or other people, "what if" questions all the time. Now that I am old enough, almost 26, I look back on my life and ask a lot of "what if" questions. First let me clarify, I love my life. I really can't complain, besides the few near death experiences, I have it pretty good. I was born into a wonderful family, I grew up in great neighborhoods, had a few amazing friends, went on a LDS mission, and married the greatest, most perfect person for me! I am really quite happy with the outcome of my life and can't wait for the future! But I often times wonder, "what if..."

What if I wasn't born with a congenital heart disease? (Which would have changed the course of my life all together!)

What if, when i was ten years old, my family stayed in Orange County rather than moving to Brentwood?

What if I had stayed in Brentwood for high school?

What if I had got accepted to BYU Provo, rather than BYU-Idaho?

What if I had gone to BYU-I in the fall rather than the summer?

What if I had just done my generals at BYU-I instead of a bunch of classes that really didn't matter?

What if I had stayed in college rather than going home to work?

What if I hadn't served a mission and just stayed in CA?

What if my parents didn't adopt four of the most adorable kids ever?

What if I had stayed the last six months on my mission?

What if I didn't go up to Provo and live at the Enclave? (This would have affected Tahnee, My cousin, Kasey, Josh and Tyler's life completely).

What if I didn't pursue Josh?

There are several more, but these seem to stand out the most to me. Some of these things were big decisions I had to make for myself, others, were totally out of my control. Isn't life so interesting? I am sure I could answer all of these "what if" questions, but I am so grateful that I do have my heart problem, that I did go to BYU-I, and most of all that I did move into the Enclave and marry the man of my dreams!

Have you ever thought of where your life would be now if different paths were taken?

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  1. Tiersha! I love your posts! Isn't it interesting, all of the little steps we take, and the paths they form? Aren't the blessings that come from the Lord SO good? When we follow Him and allow Him to form our paths, brick by brick, they sometimes take unprecedented routes, but the blessings are always so sweet. You are such a good example! :)