Sunday, March 6, 2011

Attention Family and Friends...Start Spreading the News

We will be in southern Orange County from June 6- August 8 for Josh's internship and are wondering if there is anyone who lives in southern OC that will need a house sitter. Maybe someone to watch the house, pets, kids or whatever. Even if it is just a week at a time. The only week we will not be available is July 16-23. If we don't find a place to house sit, we will live with my parents.

Also, I will not be employed during this time. If there is anyone or know of anyone that will need some part-time work through the above months, I would be interested in hearing about possible opportunities. Nanny jobs would be great too!! Good time to go on a couple getaway ;)

Best way to reach Josh and I is via email at Please keeps your ears open. We figure that every one is now starting to plan summer vacations and whatnot. We would just need a place to sleep basically.


  1. Tiersha! I love your blog, I just found it from your fb status and read all the way back to your first post, which makes me sound like a stalker. I hope you are doing great! Good luck finding something in OC, how lucky you get to live there this summer!

  2. I finally figured out what OC is... :)