Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Married Valentine's Day

Yesterday, Josh and I spent our first married Valentine's day together. It was perfect. I left work a little early to get some errands run, shop a little with Tahnee, and clean the house a little before Josh got home. Finally he got home (it seemed like forever) and we lounged around and then exchanged cards and gifts. That boy never disappoints. He surprised me with this little beauty...

He is kind of difficult to buy for and never wants anything, so I got him an iTunes gift card so he can start buying games for his phone. He certainly didn't waste any time purchasing NBA Jam! Then, he told me that he was taking me to Chef's Table for dinner! I have always wanted to go there since I have moved to Provo, but never had any reason too. Our reservations weren't til 8:00 pm. Once we got there, it was a mad house, but our food was delicious! I got the Filet Mignon and Josh got the Pork Tenderloin. We also both got flavored lemonade, which was probably the best I ever had! Then we got a piece of red velvet cake to go (we will be eating that tonight). I was so full when I got home...to the point of being uncomfortable. But it was well worth it. We forgot to take a picture at the restaurant, but did once we got home (I will post later). It was the perfect Valentine's day ever. I am such a lucky girl to be married to Josh. I fall in love with him more each day!

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