Monday, August 9, 2010

Next Place of Residence

As many of you know, Josh and I have been trying to decide where we want to live when our Provo adventure comes to a close. We were thinking a lot about Arizona and had planned to go last weekend. But then we changed our plans last minute. But Arizona keeps coming up so we figure that we might as well just go and check it out. It doesn't mean we are moving there just because we visit, but it's so weird how it keeps coming up in our daily conversations and how much we keep thinking about it. We know it's super hot like four months out of the year...but honestly, I much rather have a HOT summer than a SNOWY AND COLD winter. We have decided to go check it out this weekend. We will leave Thursday after work and drive through the night. Lucky us!! Here are just a couple of our reasons for considering AZ our next home:

We can rent for such a great price and save money, then possibly move somewhere we would really love to live and buy a house! (This is probably our biggest reason for wanting to move there.)

Arizona is only a six hour drive to my parents house in California. BIG DEAL! We could go there whenever we wanted.

There are a lot of members of the church out in Arizona. Not that it really matters, but it is always nice to have a neighbor to run to on a Sunday afternoon to ask for a cup of milk ;)

Josh's cousin, Jess and her husband, Trent, live in Mesa. We LOVE them and it would be so fun to live around them.

I feel bad taking Josh away from the East Coast, so I am trying not to be a brat about only living in Orange County and looking at other options. Josh is very up for living in the west and thinks Arizona would be great. I told Josh, though, if he has his heart set on D.C. or anything else, I will be the supportive wife I told him I would be before we got married. I think the more he lives in the west and visits California, the more he really wouldn't mind living out here. At least, that's what he says :) Right now our biggest thing we think of is the rent and cost of living. Arizona is very attractive for this reason alone.

What are some of your thoughts?


  1. You already know my thoughts..haha!! I would be thrilled if you guys moved here, but I won't get my hopes up too high in case you decide on somewhere else :) In the mean time, I can't wait to see you guys this weekend! I was talking to my mom and sisters at breakfast this morning and we were thinking maybe we could make those magnets while you're here. If you're up to it of course!

  2. We are going to Arizona next week!!! I am not looking forward to the heat...but the mexican food is good!

  3. And you already know our thoughts too. ;)

    Of course you have to come this weekend too, dork! Unfortunately you won't be getting any monsoons this weekend, those are the craziest!

  4. Arizona all the way!!! Do it do it do it... I think Arizona is great the times I have been there. Granted, I have never been there in the dead heat of the summer, but I bet you could get used to it. I agree, better than cold cold winters... Walking to school everyday in Provo has made me sick of cold cold winters!!!

  5. Arizona is just fine as long as you can handle the heat and the monsoons for the season. Also, northern AZ is different from southern AZ (Tucson area). I've heard Tucson is really nice and it actually cools down at night... unlike Phoenix. Good luck on your decisions! And Im glad you are recovering well!