Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I finally broke out the crock pot last night and made my first dish in it (you can tell I haven't even taken the sticker off the front). I put in an onion, potatoes, meatballs and BBQ sauce. Let's just say the meatballs turned out really good, but not the potatoes.

Later that night, we went to celebrate Jordan's birthday at the Cocoa Bean! Dane had pre-ordered like thirty cupcakes for us and let me tell you, they were GOOD!
Birthday girl, Jordan
My sexy husband
The whole gang

Thanks Dane and Jordan for a fun evening!!! It was way fun. Afterward, we had to run to Target to get some essentials...bread, milk, boring stuff. On the menu tonight: STEAK!


  1. Steak huh? Man I really need to come visit! : )

  2. okay, your crock pot meal looks amazing!!! and i love that you wore your new headband to jordan's birthday celebration :)