Saturday, June 5, 2010

Current Events

Here is an update on what's been going on...

Last Saturday, we bought a grill at Target (thank you to all the gift cards) and poor Josh had to assemble the whole thing Sunday night. After 3 hours of working hard, he finished.

The next day was Memorial day and we had a little BBQ with some of our friends. It was fun to see some of our newly married friends. Of course I forgot to take pictures :(

Thursday was the Lakers vs. Celtics Game 1. We went over to Tahnee and Tyler's to watch. Of course, Lakers won (sorry Josh). We had pizza, ice cream and other treats. It was a fun little get together. (Some the pictures are a little blurry.)

Josh works full-time for a guy who owns a ton of property in Provo and Orem, including Seven Peaks Waterpark (the largest in Utah) and Trafalga (a family fun center). One of the perks of working for this particular person (well, the whole family bascially runs the business) is there are great perks. The greatest? Season pass to both Seven Peaks AND Trafalga. What does this include you ask? At Seven Peaks: free parking, free tube rental, discounted food, free day passes, and three additional season passes (of course, one for me) which we gave the last two to Tahnee and Tyler. At Trafalga: free go carts, mini golf, batting cages, 25 tokens EACH for the arcade, simulator ride and discounted food! So last night, we went to Trafalga for date night. It also happens to be mine and Josh's first date EVER!

One year ago...

Last night...

I am just waiting for Josh to get home from the gym so we can go to Seven Peaks and get some sun. The weather is GORGEOUS today and I can't wait to get outside. We already did all of our shopping and errands. It's going to be a beautiful week and hopefully the rest of the summer as well.

We also booked our hotel in Las Vegas. We are going home in two weeks so see those darn cute babies I am missing so bad...and the rest of the family of course. We are leaving at noon on June 17 and driving to Vegas and staying in the New York New York.

The next morning, we will get up and drive straight to DISNEYLAND!!! We both can't wait. We miss it so much. Then on Sunday, we will make the long trek back to Provo.


  1. What a fun night! Be safe on your trip! :) -A

  2. LOVE the short hairdo!!! When I was reading yours and Tahnee's blogs I told Jeff I miss our first married days in provo! Soak it all in. It goes by SO fast!!