Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Month and Still Going Strong

Today is the one month anniversary of when we tied the knot. Some things that I have learned being married are...

You have to adjust to living with another person and all their habits.
Trying to stay on one side of your bed.
A clean home is a happy home.
The new TV might not go where you want it too...and it's ok.
Men shouldn't do laundry ;)
I go to sleep a lot earlier than while we were dating...the other night I fell asleep at 9:30!
The George Foreman is the best invention ever created!
Finances are a main topic of conversation.
Bookshelves are for books...not decorations.
Josh is a lot more handy than he made me believe while we were dating.
Wards with babies are so distracting...I have the bug, but nothing is going to happen for a LONG TIME.
Josh will eat anything I cook...he's such a good sport.
I learn something new about Josh almost everyday that I didn't know before we got married...but at the same time, I know him so well it's scary.

I love being married to Josh and having my best friend with me all the time. He is the most patient, loving person on the face of the earth. He is everything I want in a companion. I love him with all my heart and can't wait for many more months of marriage to come. Everyday is a new journey with unexpected surprises. I am so glad he got down on one knee one freezing, cold, February night in Park City and asked me to marry him. What a blessing he has been in my life. I love you honey bunny!


  1. That's funny...I think every newlywed couple I've known has said the same thing about the George Foreman grill =)

  2. I haven't used a George Foreman once since Josh and I got married. I'm so happy for you two!!! I'm glad you are loving being married! :)