Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Last Leg = Charlotte Pics Overload

The reunion had come to an end but our trip was still not over.  We still needed to drive back to Louisville to pick up Charlotte.  I missed that girl so much!!  Now I know how Josh feels every time I leave...with her ;)  I was the same anxious feeling I get when I haven't seen Josh for a while.  I hate that feeling and couldn't wait to hug and kiss her all over.  I was expecting the worst, but much to my surprise, soon as she saw me, she ran up to me and hugged me and stayed by my side the entire rest of the time we were at Rachel's house.  I didn't take any video or photos...I couldn't wait to get it all on camera.  I just had to embrace the moment and love on my baby girl.  I've come to the conclusion that we will NOT be sending her off to college.  I think I would just about die!! 
Matching girls at WalMart (Photo cred: Rach)
Charlotte and Tess became great friends.  I'm so glad they had a week to spend with each other.  (Photo cred: Rach)

Finally together again!
Trying to love Baby Zack!
Ok, there we go.  Much better!
While we were in Kentucky, we celebrated Liam's birthday by going to lunch at Gustavo's.  I swear I took more pictures of Liam being sung to and cannot find them.  I am so sad!!  I'm sure they were downloaded (unless Charlotte deleted them off my phone first).  Here is one picture I could find.  Charlotte wearing the birthday sombrero.  

We left after lunch in order to get home at a reasonable time.  It's an eight hour drive.  We decided to stop for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Josh isn't a huge fan of going out to restaurants but does it because he knows I like it.  BUT I always know if I suggest Texas Roadhouse, he will go every time!  The closest one to us is about 30-40 minutes away so we rarely go.  Soon as I saw one off the freeway, I knew we would have a nice relaxing meal and time to stretch.  Surprisingly, Charlotte was really good at the restaurant.  And she was obsessed with the saddle next to the bathroom.  She may have rode it three times.


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