Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Performances

This time of year is BUSY!  I am realizing this the more I am here in Utah.  All four of the little kids have Christmas performances at school this week.  Today was Gregory and Gracee.  We went and showed our support.  They were excited to see us.  This morning started out with Gregory...

Gregory and his teacher

Took off her headband and put it back on herself :)

Found Mom and Dad in the back
Then this afternoon was Gracee's performance (Charlotte stayed home and took a nap!)...
Lining up
The whole third grade
Rockin' out to one of the songs

 William and Lillee's class came in to watch, so they sat with us. 
Gracee and her teacher, Mrs. Pope
I got really excited for when Charlotte will be doing these performances!  I'm sure I will get there super early and be on the front seat!!  haha

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  1. I can't believe how grown your little siblings are! I remember on the mission looking at pictures of gracee and gregory as babies!