Monday, June 17, 2013


About a month ago, my dad and I planned to surprise my mom for her birthday by me and Charlotte flying up to see her.  My mom was really wanting to see Charlotte and we knew she would be alone (with three kids) for her birthday.  Meg and Adam picked me up from the airport and after a couple of stops and a plan, we figured out how to surprise her.  We hid in the backyard with Charlotte on the back step with balloons tied to her car seat.  My mom couldn't believe it!  It was the best surprise.  I was so nervous that it wouldn't work out, but IT DID!!  I was there from Wednesday to Saturday.  It was a lot of fun...playing with the kids, going to Provo (my old stomping grounds), Salt Lake City, and getting hooked on "Duck Dynasty!"  Here are some pictures to recap the time in Utah!
Hanging around!
Everyone's first experience at J Dawgs (except mine)
Stopped by Lisa's office at the Wilk!
Salt Lake City

More SLC

Found the pieces to my PotteryBarn sets significantly cheaper than at the store.  Love DownEast Home!
Dad opened his Father's Day gift action camera for when he goes riding

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