Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 7

November 7 marked Charlotte's two month birthday!  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post at the moment, but she is my baby girl that is just growing like crazy.

Why did Heavenly Father make them babies for just a small part of their life and adults for the majority?  I love that she is so tiny and it makes me sad that she is already in her 0-3 month clothes.

She is still sleeping in our bed and we all three are loving it.  We just might be a "family bed" family after all.

Charlotte is loving a bottle.  Yes, I wanted to solely nurse, but this child is so much happier when given formula.  Not even a pumped bottle leaves her as satisfied!  This topic does call for a blog post all by itself, but doing 50/50 has been wonderful!

Her skinny thighs aren't so skinny anymore.  They are chunkin' up and we are loving it!  The other place where there is more to love...her cheeks.  I still think she is a skinny little thing, but we love when there is more sugar to love on!

She is awake a lot more during the day.  I love talking to her and basically having a one-sided conversation.  One night when Josh got home from work, he heard me talking to her and said, "is that how you talk to her all day?"  I said, "yeah, who else am I going to talk too?"  I love it and so does she.  One day she'll respond but I am enjoying the coos and smiles until then :)

She is obsessed with her Little Giraffe blanket.  It's so funny to me how a baby can get attached to something at such a young age.  This blanket can calm her down in no time.  She can't get enough.  She will instantly stop crying when this is right up against her face.  It's too bad it's so thick because a lot of times she will be sweaty after being wrapped in it.  But she obviously doesn't mind...she loves her blankie.  She came home from the hospital wrapped in it and I think she'll be carrying it throughout

She clenches very tight on to blankets and shirts til her fingertips are white.  And her toes are always up or spread apart.  I don't know why this little girl can't ever relax.  Josh thinks it's because I can't relax (although, I think I do).  Apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Charlotte finally made it to Disneyland also.  I don't know how she went for so long, but she made it and has been on some rides too.  She met with Disney Princesses and I'd say she is a huge Disney fan already!

Charlotte is seriously the center of my universe.  I can't even think of another child coming in and rocking our worlds haha.  Will Charlotte ever have a sibling?  That is up for debate ;)  I love this little girl and am so grateful everyday we got pregnant out of the blue and not according to "plans."

Sorry this is such a late post!