Saturday, November 3, 2012

Master Bedroom- A Work in Progress

My bedroom has been a project in the making...and yet, I'm still it done! But I'm so excited about the pieces that I have put together recently, I thought about doing a sneak peek and letting you in on my decor secrets. Well, actually there is so secret at all. So far, I've bought everything at Target for my room. 

I knew I wanted a pin tuck comforter. I'd seen them on West Elm and Anthro's website but knew I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. I just kept doing my due diligence and OOLA I found it at Target! Josh and I both wanted white. We may regret that later, but it works for now! 

Two of the throw pillows are from my couch, but I decided to save some money on MORE and put them on the bed. The smaller blue one is from my last bed with no intentions on keeping it. Glad I did!

While browsing the ends of Target isles (where all the sale stuff is), I saw the quilt and after looking at the tag ($10), I knew I had to incorporate it. This is what will bring alley colors together! My room is white, with a white comforter and white dresser...I need more color! After seeing this, I decided I would go with more of a rustic look in the bedroom. More homey and cozy.

Since we have moved in, nightstands have been on my mind everyday. I have yet to find the ones I want in my price range. In the meantime, I'll just place these wonderful lamps on the floor. I found the first lamp on the sale isle and put it in my cart in hopes to find a match at another Target. Then I went down the lamp isle and asked the Target team member if he could look these up at another location. Sure enough, the Foothill Ranch store had some. Before I get to ahead of myself, the lamp base was on sale for $14 and the shade for $10. Great deal, right? After browsing the rest of the lamps, we found the same shade and base both full price :( The base- $40 and the shade- $20. Bummer. I was trying to get him to mark them down but he kept saying I don't know why they are full price! When it was time to check out, I found a teenage boy at one of the cash registers and told him I found one on sale, can I get the other on sale. He said YES! I got each full lamp for $24 opposed to $60!! Talk about a fluke! 

These pictures don't do it justice, but my room is coming together quite well and I can't wait for the FINISHED result! 


  1. looks great! and don't worry, after over 4 years, our lamps are STILL on the ground

  2. It's looking great!