Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Utah Trip and Meg's Wedding

Josh and I never anticipated our return to Utah to be so soon after we left just a few months ago; but when Meg announced she was getting married in October in UTAH, we were excited to return.  i have to admit, it was a bit emotional as I drove back to the condo where Josh and I started our married life.  It was so weird to be there all week knowing it wasn't my home anymore.  But we all have to move on eventually, right?  I went up on Tuesday, October 23 and spent all week with the Whitmores.  It was so fun for everyone to finally meet Charlotte.  Josh joined us on Friday night.  We don't want to be apart again...like ever.  Even though it was only a few days, Josh was texting and calling all day everyday while I constantly sent pictures of Charlotte.  He did not like being away from his baby!  The wedding day (Saturday) was gorgeous and everything turned out perfectly.  The day started out with a breakfast at the Lion House hosted by Adam's parents (Thank you Jenny and Mic!).  After a great meal, we all headed up to the Bountiful temple where the sealing was performed.  Meg and Adam were a stunning couple.  We took pictures then headed back to the condo to relax a bit before the reception.  The reception was at Sleepy Ridge in Orem and it was so beautiful!  The whole day was fantastic! 

More details and pictures to come!


  1. Wow, that is such a great picture!! Can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving! I felt like we hardly got to visit in Utah.

  2. I kept twisting around to get Tess to look and ended up at a terrible angle. Way to ruin a great picture! It really was a great weekend, though. Love that little Charlotte!