Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Lately, my world has completely flipped upside down...for the better of course.  I can't believe what these last few weeks have done to me as a person.  Having a baby is the most rewarding experience and a very spiritual one, for that matter.  Before having Charlotte, I was a little superficial and possibly shallow at times.  I was a little selfish, knowing that I still had responsibilities being a wife but also knowing Josh is an adult and can do things for himself, while Charlotte has to rely on me for EVERYTHING!!  Josh and I could just watch TV or go to the movies or out to dinner whenever we wanted...now all we do is stare at Charlotte.  If you know me at all, I was a little into celebrities.  Why?  Good question.  I haven't really watched TV since before I went into the hospital to deliver.  Sure I have watched things here and there at my parents house, but nothing like I used too.  Even the day Josh left to go move us into our apartment after I delivered Charlotte, and the two of us were together all day, I didn't flip on the tube once! I have NO idea what is going on in Hollywood or what the latest fashion trends are.  I don't know what movies are playing in the theater or what songs have recently come out.  And let's not talk about the last time I really had a good Pinterest session!  I am so not with it right now ;)  But I feel like I have become a better person and more knowledgeable just by giving birth to the sweetest baby ever.  Charlotte is really the center of our universe.  I understand so many things now and most importantly, a mother's love.  There have been times were I just look at her with tears coming down my cheeks because I am just so in love with her and can't believe she is all mine and Josh's.  I never want anything to happen to her...EVER!  I am sure I will get back into the swing of things, especially since we are getting cable today, but I know it will never be how I was before.  I have loved every second I can lay in bed with her, the silence in our home where we can feel the spirit more, the tender moments when she is eating and looks up at me, her smiles (even though they aren't real smiles yet), and how she really is such a sweet little angel in our home.  Josh tells me all the time how we are going to be best friends, hanging out together all day, everyday.  I cannot wait to see what becomes of this little girl, but I don't want to know too soon.  I want to enjoy her every moment as a baby; my baby.   


  1. what a sweet post. i love hearing about your experience with motherhood, it makes me that much more excited to meet my little girl! what an amazing blessing sweet charlotte is!

  2. So so sweet, both of you :) (And I think it's neat you enjoyed just you and Josh time and being a little "selfish" so that you're ready to dedicate so much time to Charlotte, now!)