Thursday, September 30, 2010

So Long, Farewell

This past weekend, Josh and I went down to California with Tahnee and Tyler for Michael's mission farewell. It was a VERY quick trip. We left about 1:00 pm on Friday and came home around 4:00 pm on Sunday. While we were there we took family pictures, which is always a blast with four little ones. Afterward, I took Gracee and drove up to Anaheim to try a new skin care product. My face has been breaking out a little more than desired and I have a friend who, basically, swears on LUSH products.

I only had a couple hours and that is the closest store. There is no store in Utah, either :( I am becoming a huge fan of LUSH and also think if you have tried everything out there for your skin and nothing works, give this a try. Later Saturday evening, my cousin Aubree got married to Kasey Cowan. It was so fun to be with the whole family. Aubree looked great, the wedding ceremony was very nice, and the reception was awesome. I loved the food, apples, cupcakes...YUM! Congrats to the Cowan's! Sunday was Michael's farewell. He did a great job and it is so crazy that it is actually time for him to go. He will be great.

Although, his Visa has not come, so he will be flying into SLC on Tuesday and we are going to take him to the Provo Missionary Training Center. It will be a really neat thing to take him. It was so much fun to see everyone last weekend and Josh and I are already looking forward to Thanksgiving!!! I know...jumping the gun a little bit.

Yesterday, I went to the Cardiologist and everything is pretty much ok. He said he cannot hear the leak in my tricuspid valve...woohoo!! We talked about a few other having a baby. He said waiting a couple years would not be a bad idea. Phew! I really want a baby (don't get me wrong), but I really want to be done with school before I start that chapter of my life.

Everything is going really well with Josh and I. Life is good...we have no complaints :)


  1. I love LUSH! Everything smells so good!

  2. You had to mention Lush when I'm out of my favorite shampoo!