Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Part 2: Utah Tour

Early Sunday morning, after Leadership was over, we hopped on a plane to SLC for my sister's, Annie, mission farewell. Boy, were we tired!! Luckily our flight was on time and everything happened really smoothly. Charlotte was already in Utah. She flew with Tahnee from Georgia. 

Annie gave a wonderful talk, cracked some jokes, in true Annie form, and then brought some tears to all our eyes. I seriously can't wait to read her emails each week. Texas is lucky to have her. 

After her talk, a ton of friends and family came over to say goodbye. Once her Provo friends left, we had a dinner with our family and her roommates. 

At midnight, maybe a little before, we did an In-N-Out run. I couldn't believe how tired I was. But of course I was thrilled to go. 

The next day, we started the day at Kneaders. Best. Breakfast. Ever! And continued on to Gardner Village. It was freezing, but fun, as it was decorated for Halloween! Utah has a lot of cute things to go to, which I do love. 

Later for lunch, we grabbed Cafe Rio, because, why not?! And Swig! Why does Utah have amazing food chains?? 

The next day we spent with my dad, while mom watch Eleanor and Charlotte. Thank you, Mom!! We went to Top Golf, which are popping up all over. We have one in Atlanta but have never been to it. It was a lot of fun. My first time to ever swing a club! And for the record, I beat Tahnee! Then we headed down to BYU campus. Even though I didn't go to BYU, I was still there almost everyday visiting Josh or bringing him food. I also grew up going to EFY there every summer. It was so weird to see all the changes they have made and continue to make. We really enjoyed the years we spent in Provo. We are at the creamery and couldn't leave without getting some ice cream either. Yeah, we basically ate our way through Utah! 

Wednesday, Josh went riding with my dad all day, so Charlotte, Annie and I headed over to Evans Family Farm pumpkin patch. We wanted to try Cornbellys but only had time in the morning. We got a few photos and then left. 

Made a quick Swig stop on the way home and hung out at my parents house the majority of the day. Later that day, I colored my hair DARK. A little darker than I was hoping for, but it will fade. 

Thursday, we all drove back to Orange County for Michael's wedding. Post coming tomorrow!!  

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