Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Moment We've Been Waiting For

...Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but it is kinda true!!  Ever since I found out we were moving to Charlotte, I knew an American Girl store was coming.  It's super exciting, as I was an avid AG doll lover and have seriously dreamed about these moments when my own daughter plays with them.  I know, I've said that countless times, but it's true!!  This weekend is the Grand Opening of the Charlotte store and they are expecting 7,000-10,000 people!!  There is no way I'm taking Charlotte to a store with that many people.  Maybe if she was older and didn't run around everywhere.  They have been doing a "soft" opening this week, and I knew that was the time for us to go!
After a fun morning at the park and a great nap, Charlotte woke up SO happy!  We originally made plans to meet Josh at the mall and just do dinner there, but we ended up just coming home and having dinner. 

I have no clue what my hair was doing, but I fixed it!

I never let her take her Bitty Baby out of the house, so I was a little worried how she would react to it.  I got out the stroller and they both say in it.  Soon as we entered Nordstrom, she wanted to walk...and hold the baby!!  EVERYONE that past us was dying.  It seriously was the cutest thing I've seen.  

We finally arrived at the American Girl store and it was HEAVEN!!  Oh I could buy everything in that store.  I knew I wanted to buy something once the store opened, but of course, what??  I looked at everything.  It was great because there was no one in the store.  Charlotte was walking around, pushing the strollers, carrying babies, grabbing the "pets" and other stuffed animals.  It was a little crazy, hence, why I will not be taking her for the Grand Opening.  We (like Charlotte cared) finally decided on a little outfit that said "Charlotte" on it.  Each city there is a store has a t-shirt for the dolls and girls with the city's name.  Since it was a new store and it had her name on it, I knew that was what we were going to buy.  

Because you all want to see the t-shirt :)
I know most of you are reading this and thinking I am absolutely insane, and maybe I am.  But I love this company and get so excited about girly things like this.  Charlotte is such a girl, through and through.  Luckily, this store is in a wing of the mall we never go in, so it won't be tempting to pass it and go in each time we are shopping ;)


  1. I love AG too! I still have all of my Molly doll things (several HUGE boxes) and I can't wait for Hailey to love and play with AG dolls!! It's so fun that you have a store so close. Charlotte is looking so cute and grown up. Also, we miss you guys!

    1. Natalie, how funny...I had Molly too (and still have her)!