Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another California Trip

Last week, Josh and I flew down to California for a week. Why you ask? Josh had interviews with a couple of accounting firms. We are hoping the interviews went well. Josh is so likeable, I can't imagine they went bad!

During the week, we played with the babies, tried to squeeze some homework in, and relaxed. The weather was amazing!!! We enjoyed Downtown Disney with one of Josh's accounting friends, strolled along Laguna Beach, and ate at my favorite, BJ's...twice! Lucky duck Josh got to eat out five different times!!! One night, while Josh was wining and dining, we took the kids to Pumpkin City. This little carnival-type park, has been around for years! My parents took me when I was a kid. And they have many more years of Pumpkin City ahead of them! Lillee and William loved just walking around, seeing the animals, and watching all the other kids there. Gracee and Gregory wanted to ride all the rides.

It was a good week, but it's always nice being able to come home. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us stay. We will be back soon.

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