Thursday, September 7, 2017

5 Years Ago...

...I was relaxing in Orange County with an epidural and waiting for Charlotte to enter the world.  After a stressful few weeks looking for a doctor (yes, we moved from Provo, UT to CA at about 7 1/2 months pregnant), I found one I loved!  I remember never feeling one contraction (please don't hate me) and thinking this whole labor thing was a piece of cake.  I finally felt the need to push, right after I dilated to a 9.  They said, "we just checked you.  You have some time."  Umm...I HAVE TO PUSH!!  So they checked me again and sure enough, I was at a 10, pushed three times and out popped Charlotte.  I was a little overwhelmed and did not do skin-on-skin with her, but Josh did.  It was so amazing to look over at their first bonding moment.  We didn't name her for a couple hours and decided on Charlotte Lyn as her name.  Her middle name comes from both of her grandma's name: Evelyn and Tylyn.  That worked out quiet nicely.  
I instantly fell in love with my little bundle of joy.  She was perfect to Josh and I in every way.  We never let her leave our side.  Any test at the hospital, Josh went with her.  We never sent her to the nursery either.  The day after her birth, Josh had to go move us into our apartment (yep, great timing).  It was horrible.  But I had the whole day with Charlotte.  I remember just looking at her in her little bed and crying, thinking that she was a part of me.  Heavenly Father has trusted me with her.  I couldn't believe I was a mom.  The entire situation was so surreal.  
When we arrived home, Charlotte slept with us until after Christmas.  We just loved having her in bed with us.  Her and I did everything together, especially all of our Disneyland trips.  She went there 98 times in her first little year.  We would visit Josh at work, go on our daily walks and so much more.  
Over the next four years, not much has changed.  She and I still do everything together.  She still sneaks into our room occasionally.  She has major FOMO.  It must be an only child thing.  This last year has been, by far, the hardest.  She is extremely emotional (Josh always says, "I wonder where she got it from."), she is a super picky eater, and there are just a couple other things that have made this year a bit difficult.  BUT on the other hand, she loves her parents, is an excellent student, loves all things Disney, wants to be Moana when she grows up, and is my little side-kick.  She loves to "cut" (with scissors), color, play with all of her toys, swim, go to school, shop with me, and go out to eat (apple doesn't fall far from the tree)! We do everything together.  Watching her go to full-time Pre-K was really tough.  It has become better, but that first week, let's be real, I cried multiple times.  Mostly because I was nervous for her to be away from me and with other adults that don't know her the way I do.  I miss her a ton too.  Sometimes I don't even know what to do with my time (but I'm surviving ;))  

I cannot wait for this day she has been waiting for.  She has been talking about her birthday since Christmas!!  I will be updating another blog post with all her birthday surprises and what we do throughout the day!!

Off to school with her goodie bags!

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